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Mise à l'échelle PDF et mise à niveau de l'application de démonstration

25 Août 2017
Page Web au format PDF

Notre URL et HTML en PDF service has taken a massive leap forward by now using a configurable browser width, which defaults to 1024 pixels, like the URL to Image service, rather than fixing the browser width to be the same dimensions as the page size. This produces PDF documents of URL's that look almost exactly the same as when viewed through a browser. To get this new PDF scaling feature you must update your client API to the latest version. All of the client API’s have now been been rolled out.

Additionally we have updated the browser base code of our capture software to the latest version and increased its speed by implementing further.

Notre applications de démonstration are also going to be improved to automatically use synchronous or asynchronous retrieval methods, to make it simple to use on developers local machines as well as web servers.

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