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I've imported a new task from a CSV. My previous tasks seem to be gone now. Is there any way to view them? Playing with the date filter doesn't seem to help, and it says on the import page that when I import new tasks, it will delete my existing tasks. But at the same time, the pricing plans say that my plan should archive all screenshots for 2 years.

Question posée par Hazel le 7 août 2020

The warning on the import page answers this question:

Importing your data will overwrite ALL of your current scheduled tasks, deleting any archived screenshots!

The only way you can get access to them would be if you chose to export the screenshots, to a third party location when you first created the tasks.

Réponse du support GrabzIt le 7 août 2020

So when you say you archive screenshots for up to two years, that's only if I don't import any more tasks ever?

Answered by Hazel on the 7th of August 2020

Sorry, but an import is a complete reload of all of the scheduled tasks. So the scheduled tasks you were archiving no longer exists.

There are features in the main tool that allow the adding of multiple tasks at once, single tasks and of course editing and deleting tasks.

I have raised a case to investigate ways to make this more explicit on the import.

Réponse du support GrabzIt le 7 août 2020

I appreciate that. I'd also be interested in working with you on something a bit more tailored to my company's needs, outside of the scope of the existing public-facing plans. Thanks again.

Answered by Hazel on the 7th of August 2020

No problem, glad to help.

Réponse du support GrabzIt le 7 août 2020