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Exporter vers la boîte de dépôt avec un nom de dossier dynamique


Is there a way to automatically create a folder name in Dropbox for screenshots ?

I would like to create a new folder each day using the date as the folder name (ex 2021-06-09) to be able to have an easy way to check regular screenshots.

Merci !

Interrogé par un anonyme le 9 juin 2021

You can't change folder names dynamically. But you can add the date automatically to the filename.

Réponse du support GrabzIt le 9 juin 2021

Thanks, I saw the date method but I'm really looking for a way to change the folder name.

Is there any other method of exporting screenshots somewhere with a dynamic folder name ?

Answered by anonymous on the 9th of June 2021

You could use the api and implement the folder creation yourself.

Réponse du support GrabzIt le 10 juin 2021